Bluebell woods

I mentioned in my last blog that I would be working on collages inspired by the woods behind my house. A the time the woods were carpeted in bluebells. They are just starting to go over now, so the effect is not as strong as it was. But I was working from memory anyway. I worked on a smaller collage first -as a warm up and to practice a few ideas. I glued down torn collage paper, then painted over it with ink and watery paint. I then collaged over that again, before painting on the last smooshy layers of more opaque paint. I also added some water soluble crayon, because I can’t resist using them. I was after a dappled woodland effect, and wanted the areas of sunlit bluebells to kick.

The first layer of collage, and the first inky, watery layer of paint to mark out darker areas and trees
The finished smaller collage

The next one I tackled had the same subject and a similar composition but was twice the size. I wanted it to be a little more chaotic. Busier, louder.

In progress pic for the larger collage

process video
End result of the second collage

Of course, I ended up preferring the first, smaller one. I really enjoyed working with collage, and I wonder where it has been all my life! It’s great being able to tear up old paintings, old palettes, and giving them new life. It also it great for testing out compositions, adding interesting textures, and encouraging abstraction. I’m finding that one of my favourite things to do it to move a collage piece to an area where it doesn’t quite ‘go,’ – where it’s slightly ‘uncomfortable.’ There’s something exciting about that. I think I might push that a bit further in future work.

Here are some details in close up

The colour of bluebells. Oooof.

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