Studio Vlog 10

In this episode, I joined my friend Brian for a walk around Teifi Pools. This series of pools and reservoirs is near Pontrhydfendigaid. This upland landscape is bare and bleak and windswept. Grass tussocks, mosses and heather dominate, but we also spotted some nice lichens and it seemed like an ideal spot for sundews, though I didn’t spot any.

It was a blustery day, but the sun came out several times. Top tip for sketching or painting outdoors: bulldog clips! I’ve learned to my dismay that if you don’t clip your sketchbook open, the pages will flap around very annoyingly. This is ten times worse if you are trying to film a vlog on your phone at the same time as you paint.

I hope to carry on with this series of videos, but they may be less frequent now – I’m returning to work after a long period of furlough. I’m trying to think of ways to document my creative process that won’t take up much time. I may just make short clips of works in progress. Though, really, the videos I have made so far have not taken much time to produce. I use iMovie, and the editing process is very quick and straightforward.

Enjoy the video! …and if you’d like to see more, do subscribe to my Youtube channel (click here), or follow me on Instagram (click here)

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