Studio Vlog 9

I’m very lucky to live a stone’s throw away from Penglais woods. These woods form part of a nature reserve on the edge of Aberystwyth town. Having the woods nearby has been so wonderful, especially during lockdown, providing a place to escape and a place for my daughter to play. (During full lockdown, we also used to go and kick a ball around the golf course just behind the woods. Is that trespassing? Shhh).

Having the woods nearby also means that I had a handy subject for the week’s video. I took my watercolours and a flask of coffee and sat down and painted for a while. I then used the watercolour sketches to make a painting back home in my studio. If you watch to the end, you may hear my daughter asking some questions in the background. She is in the “why?” stage at the moment. And I often find myself answering: “because!”

I wasn’t thrilled with the outcome of this painting, but that’s ok. A painting session is never a waste of time. Even when the finished result is disappointing, you always, always learn something. Sometimes the less good paintings teach the best lessons.

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